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Buying Cannabis in Thailand – What you need to know
From 09 June 2022 Thailand has become the first Nation in Asia to legal Cannabis, leading the way with a modern take on an industry with huge potential, the Cannabis has myriad medical benefits and more.

Since June 2022 WE offer a huge weed selection of High Grade Premium Cannabis in Phuket.
Import weed and locally grown in Our Cannabis Farm in Phuket. Our Farm guarantees products free of pesticides and plant hormones (PGR).
All our products are analyzide and tested before being put on the cannabis dispensary market.

A sample of Bulldog Premium Weed menu:

Bulldog Phuket Patong
About Our Dispensary


Cannabis listings include Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains, We have also a good selection of Pre-Rolled Joint 100% pure weed in different sizes and flavors. Original Hash and Kief from Morocco you can find at our Dispensary in Phuket or we can Cannabis delivery to your Hotel in Patong.

Shop Address

113,1 Pisit Koranee Road Patong 83150 Phuket Thailand

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BEYOND AMAZING experience!! The lovely women were SO kind and helpful ! The 🍃 was great; nice selection. Highly recommend 💯.

Ashley Holland

Very nice place to chill, lot of choices for every price and good quality! Really recommend this shop 👍.

Florian Brasseur

The Bulldog cannabis shop in Patong Phuket was one of the best places where to buy good weed in patong for quality and price. The quality of the imported Cali.


Abbiamo trovato su google il Cannabis Bulldog Phuket e siamo andati a Patong per comprare dell’erba ormai legale in Thailandia da fumare poi dopo a casa. Negozio molto carino e.


La boutique la plus intéressante avec de bons produits que j’ai trouvée à Phuket. excellente qualité de cannabis à Patong.


Truly the best! Thank you host Tino for showing us around in a most pleasant manner. Lots of knowlegde there, will help you find exactly what you need..

Lukas Pavelskis

Rolling and enjoy your weed with chill music, soft drink and go High !!