Amsterdam Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze Phuket

Amsterdam Amnesia Haze

Amsterdam Amnesia Haze Phuket is an original Amnesia Haze hybrid with a high yield and a high THC-percentage averaging around 20%. In good conditions, this can go up to 25% THC.

The Amsterdam Amnesia Haze high is very powerful and long lasting. The effect is energetic, uplifting, social and trippy. A real head rush, suitable for even the most experienced cannabis smokers!
This cannabis genetics was grown in our indoor farm and we used Dutch Passion seeds. Cultivated with organic soil and natural fertilizers with 1000W Lumatek LED.
The aroma and taste are immediately recognizable as classic Haze. The fresh citrus aroma is so dominant that you immediately know this is the original Amnesia Haze. Same taste as the aroma! Fantastic taste!

The Amsterdam Amnesia Haze can be found available at our Cannabis Dispensary in Patong Phuket, we will be happy to present you with one of the best sativa genetics in the world.

Amsterdam Amnesia Haze Phuket
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