Cannabis and Songkran Festival in Phuket



As you know Cannabis was Legal in THAILAND on 9 June 2022, So you have to know Cannabis smoking is legal for personal use in private areas but prohibited in public areas by the Public Health with the fine being up to 25,000 Baht or $700US or imprisonment for up to 3 months. what is Cannabis & Songkran? Here We want to reccomend DO NOT smoke or use CANNABIS in public area while Songran Festival cause will have some children or someone really allegic around the festival. If you’re interested in experiencing Songkran in Thailand, it’s best to focus on the traditional aspects of the festival, such as visiting temples, participating in water fights, and enjoying cultural performances. As always, it’s crucial to respect local laws and customs while traveling in any country.


Songkran is a traditional festival celebrated in Thailand as the traditional New Year’s Day from April 13 to 15. It is one of the most important festivals in Thailand and is known for its water festival, where people splash water on each other as a symbol of washing away the past year’s misfortunes and welcoming the new year with a fresh start. The water festival aspect of Songkran is particularly famous, with people using water guns, buckets, and hoses to drench each other in a spirit of fun and goodwill. It’s a time when families come together to pay respect to elders, visit temples, and participate in traditional rituals such as pouring water on Buddha statues.


songkran festival 2024
songkran festival 2024
In Phuket, Songkran is celebrated with much enthusiasm and excitement, incorporating traditional rituals alongside modern festivities. Here’s how people celebrate Songkran in Phuket:
  1. Water Festivities: Similar to other parts of Thailand, Songkran in Phuket involves lively water fights where people splash water on each other using water guns, buckets, and hoses. The streets of popular areas like Patong, Kata, and Karon Beach become bustling with people engaging in water battles, creating a fun and festive atmosphere.
  2. Cultural Performances: Throughout Phuket, you can witness traditional Thai performances, including music, dance, and cultural shows, held as part of the Songkran celebrations. These performances often take place in temples, public squares, and cultural centers, providing an opportunity to experience Thai culture and traditions.
  3. Merit-making Activities: Many locals participate in religious activities during Songkran, such as making merit at temples by offering food to monks, participating in alms-giving ceremonies, and pouring scented water over Buddha statues as a symbol of purification and blessings for the new year.
  4. Temple Visits: Songkran is a time for spiritual reflection and paying respects to elders and ancestors. Many people in Phuket visit Buddhist temples to make offerings, pray, and receive blessings from monks. Wat Chalong, one of the most significant temples in Phuket, sees a large influx of visitors during Songkran.
  5. Traditional Rituals: In addition to water-related festivities, some locals in Phuket observe traditional rituals during Songkran, such as pouring water on the hands of elders as a sign of respect and seeking their blessings for the new year. Families often gather for special meals and reunions during this time.
  6. Community Events: Various community events and celebrations are organized in Phuket during Songkran, including parades, cultural exhibitions, and street markets selling traditional Thai food, crafts, and souvenirs. These events bring together locals and tourists to celebrate the festival in a festive and inclusive atmosphere.


Phuket, known for its stunning beaches and vibrant nightlife, offers numerous fantastic spots to celebrate Songkran. Here are some of the best places in Phuket to join in the festivities:
  1. Patong Beach: As one of Phuket’s most popular tourist destinations, Patong Beach is a lively hub for Songkran celebrations. The beachfront area and nearby streets come alive with water fights, music, and dancing. Bars, restaurants, and hotels along Patong’s main strip also host various events and parties.
  2. Bangla Road: This famous street in Patong transforms into a massive water party during Songkran. Expect to find throngs of people armed with water guns, buckets, and hoses, drenching each other in a festive atmosphere. Bangla Road’s bars and clubs contribute to the lively ambiance with music and entertainment.
  3. Phuket Town: The Old Town area of Phuket Town offers a more traditional and cultural experience of Songkran. Here, you can participate in merit-making activities at local temples, witness colorful processions, and enjoy cultural performances. Many streets in Phuket Town also host water fights and street parties.
  4. Kata Beach: Located on Phuket’s southwest coast, Kata Beach is another popular spot for Songkran celebrations. The beachfront area and nearby streets become bustling with water splashing fun, accompanied by music and entertainment. Families and travelers looking for a slightly quieter atmosphere compared to Patong may prefer Kata Beach.
  5. Karon Beach: Just south of Patong, Karon Beach offers a more relaxed setting for Songkran celebrations. Visitors can enjoy water fights on the beach or join in the festivities along the nearby streets. Several hotels and resorts in the area also organize Songkran-themed events and parties.
  6. Jungceylon Shopping Mall: Situated in the heart of Patong, Jungceylon Shopping Mall often hosts Songkran events and activities. Visitors can enjoy water-themed games, live performances, and food stalls within the mall’s premises.
Remember to respect local customs and traditions while participating in Songkran festivities, and be prepared to get wet! Additionally, stay hydrated and protect your belongings, as water play can be vigorous and crowded during this time. ENJOY AND BE SAFE WHILE SONGKRAN FESTIVAL Love and caring from BULLDOG PHUKET

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