Where to buy weed in Phuket?

Are you visiting the amazing island of Phuket in Thailand and want to know where to buy the best weed Patong?


Since June 2022 WE BULLDOG PHUKET, offer a huge weed selection of High Grade Premium Cannabis in Phuket you can find Import weed and locally grown in Our Cannabis Farm in Phuket, the quality is very high we select only the best seeds genetic around the world and we use only Bio Fertilizer and Bio Soil.
Our Farm guarantees products free of pesticides and plant hormones (PGR)

All our products are analyzide and tested before being put on the cannabis dispensary market.

Welcome to the NEW NORMAL.

Bulldog Phuket

Top BIOCannabis Organic in Phuket


At the moment there are many types of cannabis on the market, we choose only the best organic ones because we respect our consumers, we meticulously search for the best cannabis genetics for medical use, our consumers appreciate this and have trusted our products for years now.

Genetics such as RUNTZ from Barney’s Farm have been present in our productions, Cream Carame from Sweet Seeds, White Widow, Sky Walker Haze from Dutch Passion, B-45 By Booba from Silent Seeds and many other genetics.

  • Royal Gorilla
  • Black Domina x OG Kush
  • Amnesia Haze 
  • Banana Daddy 

Bulldog Phuket Farm

Safe Cannabis is Better !

Cannabis is always better if you know its origin, many warehouses do not care about the storage status of the product, so many times you get contaminated cannabis.

Well-kept, clean environments without light with the right temperature and humidity ensure that cannabis continues to mature and release more aromas and a greater high.At Bulldog Phuket we are masters at preserving our products.

Products exclusively for medical use of the highest quality, this is the difference between Bulldog Phuket and other Cannabis Shops. our years of experience in the sector allows us to be unique and inimitable in the medical cannabis market.

Can You Smoke Weed in a Bar in Phuket?



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