Can You Smoke Weed in a Bar in Phuket?

Smoke Weed in a Bar in Phuket

Now that you know that cannabis has been legalized in Thailand, you may wonder if you can use cannabis in bars for recreational purposes. Technically the answer is no, but many people do it anyway.

It is important to note that smoking cannabis in public places is prohibited.

The penalty is three months’ imprisonment and a fine of 25,000 baht. According to the new policy, the production and consumption of cannabis is allowed only for medical purposes and not for recreational use.If you decide to smoke cannabis in a bar in Thailand, it is important to know the risks. Before you smoke, familiarize yourself with the law and understand the possible consequences. Some bars ignore the law and allow you to smoke with impunity.

Officials Inspect Cannabis Shops on Bangla Road in Patong

After a video surfaced on social media showing a foreigner using a machine to blow cannabis smoke, relevant authorities checked a cannabis store on Bangla Street in Patong for violations of licenses and regulations.

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